The Best Shower Filters

best shower filters

The Best Shower Filters-And what you really need to know about them

I can tell you that there are many advantages of owning the best shower filters in your home.  Since most of the water is treated with chlorine it can be detrimental to ones health if it is not filtered out . Over time exposure to this toxic chemical can cause health problems such as asthma and even certain types of cancer.  Chlorine also will dry out your skin and your hair.

What Do shower filters reduce and remove ?

Chlorine is the number one concern when people are considering a shower filter .  The filter can also block out many other harmful chemicals as well.

Even so, shower filters make use of various filter media to decrease other damaging contaminants which include: chloramines (which quite a few water therapy plants are now using as a disinfectant alternative to chlorine), VOCs, scale, rust, sediment, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide.You may understand Far more About Shower Filter Media Technology hereShower filters could use one or perhaps a combination of two or a lot more of the following varieties of filtration technologies.
Carbon filters eliminate chlorine, chloramines, VOCs & other synthetic chemicals often used in water disinfection, by the process of carbon adsorption, in which the chemicals stick to activated carbon. These are the most comprehensive shower filters, but since the adsorption process requires a lot of surface area, they are typically larger than other filters. Moreover, carbon filters are typically made for use with cold water (i.e. drinking water) and will not be as effective in a hot shower.
Kinetic Degradation Fluxion
(KDF)KDF is an oxidation-reduction media made from copper and zinc. KDF shower filters work electrochemically, converting chlorine into soluble calcium chloride, which is harmless. However, KDF alone will not eliminate chlorine or VOCs and is often combined with Chlorgon filter technology.
ChlorgonChlorgon was specially developed and patented by Sprite Industries, and is only found in Sprite shower filters. It is made to work more efficiently with hot water temperatures, and is therefore an ideal media for shower water filters.
Crystalline QuartzCrystalline Quartz is added to some shower water filters to maximize lathering for a far more “energy-enhanced feel.” The main chemical that you are really wanting to get out of your water supply is the chlorine as this has been proven to harm lungs and cause many skin irritations.
The Best shower filters conclusion
The main point is that with all the chemicals that are in the water today you are going to get a water filter for all the wter tht is coming into your house.  You are going to be able to protect your family from dangerous and harmful chemicals.  Studies have shown that chemicals in the water that are not filtered have caused many health problems and diseases over time.  You are really going to want to make sure thtat you are going to get a top of the line shower filter.  The more you can afford the better off you and your family is going to be. 

best shower filters

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